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Regarding Cisco Configuration Assistant

So an issue I've been having with my users only a couple times in the last few months is they recieve a message saying their "voicemail is currently in use" some quick googling lead me to understand all I have to do is unlock their voicemail mailboxes. Should be simple. Again, some quick googling finds me all kinds of CLI commands such as:

voice mailbox unlock owner username

voice mailbox unlock telephonenumber userextension

- or -

voicemail mailbox unlock owner username

voicemail mailbox unlock telephonenumber userextension

Wouldn't be too big of an issue if I didn't get "% Invalid input detected a '^' marker."

I'm by no means a master at Cisco's CLI, but I do know that if I type "?" it lists all my possiblities and NEITHER "voicemail" or "voice mailbox" show up in my list of possible commands. In general peoples mailboxes work fine, like I said just three instances in the last 6 monthes or so. Did the original admin configure it wrong or am I doing something wrong. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


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Regarding Cisco Configuration Assistant

Same problem here.  Sad to see no one is responding from Cisco. If I get an answer I will advise.  Thanks for the tip on the "?"!

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Regarding Cisco Configuration Assistant

These commands you referred to are only available in the Cisco Unity Express (CUE) module.

What is the CUE module and version you are using?

How are you connecting to the CUE module before executing these commands.

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