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Regarding Cisco Unified Mobility on Cisco unified communication manager 7


I am trying to set up mobility feature ( mobile connect and Mobile Voice Access) on the call manager 7 and reading the document on chapter 13 on the cisco unified communication manager features and services guide (

on page 13-42, it has some instruction on how to set up H.323 Gateway configuration for Mobile Voice Access... however I am using MGCP and do not have a H.323 i skip that and go to page 13-47 which says " to configure mobile voice access without using h.323 gateway)... however on step 2, it ask me to enter the mobile voice access number that is configure on the H.323 gateway, i am very confused what number i should enter.

I have followed this guide but the mobile voice access number doesnt seems to work... when i check the route plan report, the number is not there, and i cant dial that extension that i set up for the mobile voice access from the ip phone ( internally) ...

beside the cisco unified communication 7, do I need any other server/service to use the cisco mobility? I checked the system requirement on page 13-21 on the same guide but it didnt mention that i need any other resources , however it doesnt seems to work.


Kind regards,


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Re: Regarding Cisco Unified Mobility on Cisco unified communicat

I've had this working. Let me know if its is up for you or you are still looking for some help.

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Re: Regarding Cisco Unified Mobility on Cisco unified communicat

Hi Rachel,

For Mobile voice Access H.323 gateway is a requirment...However in case if you are running MGCP on the VGW than you can installe another router which supports H.323 and can use the hairpinning facility available..

For more information read SRND Guide....

hope this helps..



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