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Register C-series to CUCM?

I have a customer who is looking to register a bunch of C40 endpooints to Call Manager. I spent about 1/2 hour searching through teh support site and could only get results of thousands of documents, none of teh first couple of pages of which seemed to help.

Is this possible? Can Call Manager do verything a VTC endpoint needs?

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Re: Register C-series to CUCM?

You should be able to register c40s to Call Manager 8.6. It is similar to adding a new phone.

You will only be able to do assign a directory number to it; you won't be able to do URI dialing.

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Re: Register C-series to CUCM?

Thanks, George.

Any chance you could steer me to a doc that explains this?

Re: Register C-series to CUCM?

Unfortunately I havent seen a document. But these are steps I followed:

1. Upgrade the codec to TC5.1

2. Configure it in CallManager like any phone by going to Device -> Phone, Add a CX0 etc.

3. Power up the CX0 and select Cisco UCM. The Cisco UCM option will be available after the codec has been upgraded to TC5. A release key is needed to complete the upgrade which can be obtained from

4. Once this is completed, the CX0 will use the voice vlan like any other phone and download the configuration from Callmanager.

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Re: Register C-series to CUCM?

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