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Release or liberate Space in Hard Disk

Hi Guys,

I have a one question: I don't know the Cisco Unity, and my customer have a one hardware with 32Gb of Hard Disk and He using 30Gb, and He question me if will be possible release space of disk. There are any way to release space of disk. I believe that the platform it is very old, wright?



Cisco Employee

Re: Release or liberate Space in Hard Disk


I would also just do a simple *.* search on the server and then sort by largest file size to give you an idea of what may be eating up space. Then you can decide if the files are worthy of deletion.

A suggestion off the top of my head is if the mailstore (Exchange) is installed on the Unity server, you may free space by enabling circular logging.

Hope that helps,


Cisco Employee

Re: Release or liberate Space in Hard Disk

Althought that could help, that could affect your exchange recovery and backup options. What I do first off is to go to the c:\windows or c:\winnt directory and make sure you have the view hidden files and folders option turned on in your folder options under the Tools menu. If it is turned on, you should see a ton of files starting with $. Those are all deletable files that are stored on your machine from Microsoft updates done in the past. They are not needed. I delete those first just to get a jump start on clearing things out. Also clear out any files in the c:\windows\temp or c:\winnt\temp folder. The last thing I clear out is any temp folders under the separate profiles on the server. Those are located in c:\documents and settings\username\temp where username is any users that have previously logged on that machine in the past. Usually you will find between those areas, that you can clear alot of space off the drive.


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