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New Member

Remote Destination Profile and External Phone Number Mask

Hello All,

CUCM: 10.5(2)

I have SNR configured for a User who works mainly out of the office. I originally just created him a CTI Route Point with 2 Lines associated to it. One was a regular internal extension that was set to CFwdAll to his cell phone using the Company's Main Telephone number as the External Mask. This was so he would know another employee was calling him if that Caller-ID showed up on his cell. The 2nd line was a DID line that customers could call to reach him directly, this External Phone Number Mask was set to the full DID number. So when his DID line showed up on his cell phone as the Caller-ID he would know it was a customer calling him. To get the Caller-ID part working I had to enable "Last Redirected Number (External)" on Calling Party Selection of the Trunk in CUCM.

Now, they have a new request. Which was to send the Caller to his work extension's voicemail if he didn't answer his cell. So I told them this wasn't possible as it was currently configured. Because once the call was forwarded to an outside call, you couldn't then bring the caller back into the network to send them to an internal VM inbox.

So with that new request I got rid of his CTI Route Point and gave him a physical IP Phone so I could configure SNR. Now that I have SNR configured, if I call either his regular internal extension or his DID line, then his DN on his phone and his Cell Phone both ring at the same time. However, the Caller-ID on the DID line is NOT using the External Phone Number Mask, which is set to the full DID telephone number.

So I'm not sure why the Caller-ID was working correctly when the CFwdAll was set to his cell phone on the DID Line, but it's not working NOW with the Remote Destination Profile, and Remote Destination..?

Is there a way to set the External Phone Number Mask for the outbound call for this SNR configuration?

EDIT: After trying another test call from my own DID line on my IP Phone, to the DID line of the phone configured for SNR. It seems like it's trying to use the Caller-ID of the originator of the call, instead of the Last Redirected Number (External), like the trunk is configured to do. Is this setting configured somewhere else other then the Trunk config?

Thanks in Advance,

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Cisco Employee

Hi Matt,

Hi Matt,

You may want to check the following doc that deals with caller id config/behavior for SNR.


New Member

Hi Manish, thanks for the

Hi Manish, thanks for the reply.

I started reading through the link you posted and it sounds like that is related to people trying to use the originating caller's telephone number as the outbound Caller-ID. However, I'm trying to use the DID number, which is one of our own numbers, and which has a translation pattern on the CUBE to allow it through.

CUBE Translation-Rule:  rule 99 /55532126[0-9]+/ /&/
DID Number Set as External Mask:  5553212658

We were having this same issue about a week or 2 ago where the Trunk config in CUCM was set to use the originator's caller-id as the external mask when a CFwdAll to an outside line was used. So we changed this off hours to "Last Redirected Number (External)" and it started working sending the External Phone Number Mask that we had set in the DN's config in CUCM. The External Masks that we use are either our Main telephone number or if its a DID line on someone's phone, we set the full DID telephone number to the External Mask, and this usually works just fine for direct outbound calls and when CFwdAll is set on the DID lines...

So, since the Trunk is configured with: Outbound Calls > Calling Party Selection > Last Redirect Number (External), shouldn't this be trying to use the DID number I set in the DN's External Phone Number Mask? Am I missing something..?

Thanks again for the reply!


New Member

Another note to add to my

Another note to add to my last comment...

I just did a simple outbound call using the DID line of the IP Phone configured with the Remote Destination Profile. And when my cell phone rang, it showed the Full DID number of that line, which is the same telephone number I put in the External Phone Number Mask of that DID directory number.

So it seems as though the Remote Destination / Remote Destination Profile does NOT use the Calling Party Selection configuration, which is configured in the SIP Trunk in CUCM?


New Member

Any other ideas?I just tried

Any other ideas?

I just tried creating a new Route Pattern to match "91 + full-DID-number", and then in there I set the Calling Part Transform Mask to the full DID number. I did this in hopes that when the DID line is called from an outside line, when the Remote Destination was dialed it would use that Route Pattern. However, I had someone call the did number from their cell, but when it hit my cell phone it displayed as our Main Telephone Number again, instead of the DID number.

If I call the DID number directly from my desk phone, when it hits my cell it uses the correct CID. So dialing manually to the DID line from an internal phone uses that new Route Pattern and transforms the Calling Party to the DID line. But, initiating the call from a cell phone into the DID line, appears to NOT use that Route Pattern...

I'm kind of stumped....??


New Member

I think I figured out a

I think I figured out a workaround. Still don't know why its NOT using the Calling Party Selection configuration from the Trunk... If anyone has any clues about that, I would love to know why it's not using that setting in the Trunk's config in CUCM.

It seems as though the SNR configuration is using the Originator as the Caller-ID, NOT the Last Redirected Number (External) like it's set to. When I call the DID line from a cell phone, when it rings my cell the CID displays as the Main Companies Telephone number. But, if I call the DID line from MY desk phone's DID line, the CID that hits my cell phone is MY DID line's external mask, not the SNR/RDP's External Mask. So when I called from my DID line it used the originator's External Mask and since its one of our numbers it wasn't changed to the Main Telephone number.

So I created a new Translation Pattern which matches the Full DID telephone number. Then, in that translation pattern I configured the "Calling Party Transform Mask" to change the incoming caller to the telephone number of the DID line. Now, any call to the DID number now show the correct Caller-ID.