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Remote distination with mobile phone voice mail

Hi guys,

I have a client who has remote distination with his mobile phone.

He is asking to use his mobile phone voice mail instead of his Unity Connection voice mail all the time.

I was thinking to set max timer under remote distination profile greater than his mobile phone voice mail timer, so the mobile phone VM kicked in before his extension's VM actives. But it didn't work.

The only way now is set forward his extension call to his mobile phone when there is no answer. That means extension and mobile phone will both ring first, then after 20sec, the call will be forwarded to his mobile, so his mobile phone will ring again. Then the caller can leave voicemail on his mobile phone after 30sec. So the caller need to wait at lease 50sec before he can leave voicemail. Of course I can shortern the Forward No Answer timer to 10sec.

My question is why the first call cannot trigger mobilephone's voicemail while remote extension is in place?

Thanks, Wayne.

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Remote distination with mobile phone voice mail

You need to set the "Answer Too late" and "Answer too soon" timers appropriatey on his RD, the too late timer needs to be lower than the RNA on his DN.

Answer Too Soon Timer

The Answer Too Soon timer determines the minimum time a call must ring on a Remote Destination. If a call is answered before this time, the call is pulled back and sent to the user’s Unity Connection voicemail. This ensures a call to a Remote Destination that is turned off or out of coverage does not go to the user’s cell phone voicemail.

The default value is 4000 (4 seconds)

Answer Too Late Timer

The Answer Too Late timer sets the maximum amount of time a call will be allowed to ring on a Remote Destination. This must be set long enough to give the user a chance to answer the call on the Remote Destination but not too long that the call forwards to the cell phone voicemail.



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Remote distination with mobile phone voice mail

Hi Chris,

"Answer Too Late" timer default set as 19sec which is lower than RNA timer (20sec) on his DN.

I also tried set RNA to 50sec which can cover mobile voicemail timer (30sec). But the call won't trigger mobile voicemail. It will continue to ring 50sec, then into DN voicemail. Not sure why it didn't trigger.


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