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Remove Unity system prompt


In the past I have removed the Unity system message "leave your message after the tone" by replacing the Unity wav file with a blank wav file.

I need to do the same thing with the Interview Handler "Your message has been sent" file.

Is there a way to see which unity wav file is being played out so I can replace the right one ?



Cisco Employee

Re: Remove Unity system prompt

Couple things here.

First, Unity version is always needed info out here - if you're on a recent 4.x build you have options that you don't if you're on an older 3.x box for instance.

Second, this prompt is actually used by several different conversations in the system - if you wax the prompt you affect multiple areas.

Third, yes, you can see which prompts are playing (on recent 4.x versions) using the port status monitor found in your tools depot on the desktop. By default WAV file information is not kicked out, but if you set a trace using the Unity Diagnostic Tool (also in the Tools Depot) it will include this. The trace is called "Phrase Server to Monitor" and it's #11 - "Phrase IDs, prompt file name and audio stream info". This forces the monitor to show the full WAV file name for each and every prompt you're hearing.

As noted many times to many folks, this is not supported, will never be supported and will be wiped out on any upgrade and will have to be done again at that point. Use at your own risk.

Community Member

Re: Remove Unity system prompt

Thanks Jeff - it's 4.0(5).

I understand the risks involved but is there any other way (maybe an advanced setting somewhere) where I can prevent the Interview Handler playing a message after finishing the interview ?



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