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Removing the old Unity Server after DiRT Restore

We replaced one server with another using the DiRT Backup and Restore Utilities. Everything went great. Now we want to remove the old server from the Active Directory. The reconfiguration guide has us with the server disconnected from the network at this moment. What is the proper procedure for removing the old server?

(I have already removed the old unity server accounts (unity system, locatio object, distribution list, example subscriber and administrator from AD manually)

Must we run the uninstall utility, which will require that the server be on the network and if so, since is still has subscribers configured in it, will running the uninstall utility leave the restored subscribers alone? In otherwords, the uninstall doc does state that only subscribers associated with the server you are unistalling will have unity attributes removed, but how is that association established? By the location object in SQL or by mailstore mapping (in which case I have two unity servers with the same set of subscribers).

Or, should I be able to simply remove the computer account in Active directory? In which case, must I also put the server back on the network? We have tried to remove the computer account, but AD gives a warning about a hidden object. If this is the prefered method of removing the server in this case, can we proceed through the warning?

Thank you.


Re: Removing the old Unity Server after DiRT Restore

Assuming the new server has a different computer name, stop the Unity services on the old server, connect it to the network and disjoin it from the domain. This is the best way to clean up the old computer account in AD.

Hope this helps.


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