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Request - Unity CUDD 7.0 to include Notification Devices

We migrated from Unity 4.2 to U{nity Connection over the weekend and combined two separate Unity 4.2 servers into a Unity Connection 7.1 cluster.  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU for the Excellent Export / Import tools and Training videos which made this migration an absolute Success!

With the Unity 4.2 Subscriber Information Dump I could see the Notification devices, but Notificaiton devices is not available in Unity CUDD 7.0.  Can it be added and why would all of the options in Subscriber Information Dum not be included in CUDD?


Terry Greene

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Re: Request - Unity CUDD 7.0 to include Notification Devices

Glad the COBRAS suite is getting it done out there – many late nights and weekends on those tools over the last year or so.

The primary reason CUDD doesn’t have notification devices in it is because the database schema between Unity and Connection varies here – it does in many places but it’s usually close.  Notification devices deviate a bit more than most.  Notably in Unity you get a static allocation of notification devices allotted at the time the subscriber is created.  Every user is guaranteed to have every notification device that can be referenced by name regardless of if they use it or not.  In Connection that’s not the case – you get a set of the 5 basic ones (the ones you can get at over the phone interface) and the rest are dynamic.  This means you can add as many notification devices as you like which is cool if that’s what you need.  This also saves database space since obviously no one uses all of their pre allocated notification devices in Unity – they’re just parking on rows in the DB and serving no purpose.

However – when dumping data out into a flat CSV file for groups of users this presents some obvious problems.  I need to cram everyone’s data into a nice linear format and if someone has a bunch of notification devices vs. everyone else that has just a couple, now I have a problem. 

I could dump the pre allocated devices out (Pager, Work Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone and SMTP) easily enough – if this will cover what you need I can look at that this week.  I’ll have to be explicit, though, that the notification devices created on top of that won’t be included in the output.  If it’s necessary to get all the user/admin created devices on top of that I’d have to get real fancy and run through all the users selected for output and construct an super-set of all notification device names when creating the columns for output up front before starting the dump – that’s a bit more involved, however – I’d have to put that on the longer term to-do list.

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Re: Request - Unity CUDD 7.0 to include Notification Devices

Thanks for the quick response!

Since we migrated from Unity 4.2 and imported the "Standard" Unity Notification devices into Connection, the 5 default devices ((Pager, Work Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone and SMTP)) should take care of my issue.

The root of the problem is we consolidated 2 Unity Servers in diffrent locations into a single Connection Cluster and some of the dial strings from the location we migrated from actually overlap some local cell phone extensions at the cosolidated location.  Now, I have VM notifications for users in Georgia calling South Caolina cell phones and the cell phone owners are not part of our organizaion, so they're kinda unhappy.

Thanks again!

Cisco Employee

Re: Request - Unity CUDD 7.0 to include Notification Devices

ok - I'll add an option for this later this week.  Note, however, that COBRAS will create new notificaiton devices for users imported from Unity on the fly and this can result in devices outside the base 5 being included - we'll have to see how it works for you install and maybe fiddle from there.

Tools like Audio Text Manager for Connection do have search functions for dial strings (including notification dial strings) - if you're having trouble tracking down which transfer or notification device is making a call to a specific number this can be helpful.  Obviously dumping them all out for easy viewing is more desirable but in the meantime if you're feeling the heat on some dialouts this can help.

Cisco Employee

Re: Request - Unity CUDD 7.0 to include Notification Devices

...also - send me an email off list (lindborg at cisco dot com) and I'll keep you updated when I have a beta version for you to look at...

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