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New Member

Requesting help on CUMC and CUMA

Hi All,

We have setup a Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage release in our Lab.

·         Completed the Post configuration wizard successfully.

·         All Adapter configurations are tested fine.

·         I am able to login to the Unified mobile communicator on my Nokia E71 and it is showing the presence status.

I am unable to place a call to the internal DN number of a user that I add to my contact list on the mobile client. Text chat is also not working. I know dial via office will not work unless I make certain changes in the CUCM. But since the presence is up on my mobile client and the username is associated to a working DN and device internal voip calls should be going right ?

Please let me know if I need to make any changes on the call manager that would refer to the communicator instance running on my mobile so that it would take the device and DN associated to the user that I am logging in with.

Similarly is there any change that I need to make in Presence to make the IM work on the mobile client.

Again, the presence status is working absolutely fine but I am not able to make an internal calls to a user added to my contact list in the mobile client that shows available status. The call is routed to the GSM mobile network and says invalid number. It is not entering the VOIP network.

Please let me know if any logs are required. Please me help me on this since there are hardly very few documents available for mobility.

Thanks in Advance


VIP Super Bronze

Re: Requesting help on CUMC and CUMA

Mobile Communicator does not provide VoIP functionality. It is purely a data client. Any calls you make will be made on the GSM network.

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Re: Requesting help on CUMC and CUMA

Hi, so if he wants to be able to make calls to internal numbers - it needs to be made through GSM network. But internal contacts are displayed in CUCM only by internal numbers. In case of having DID numbers to reach internal numbers from outside, is the way how to make calls from CUMC to internal numbers to use Directory Lookup Dial Rules named "outdir_" - which will prefix DID number to internal extension?


Re: Requesting help on CUMC and CUMA

This feature is called DVO (Dial Via Office).  There are DVO-F and DVO-R.  But basically, there are two call legs (sessions): one from the mobile phone to CUCM (via GSM), the other one from CUCM to the internal extension.  CUCM bridge these two sessions together.

When you use DVO feature, you may dial extension only (not necessarily the full E.164 number).


New Member

Re: Requesting help on CUMC and CUMA

thanks, so I need to run DVO. I will have another question with call identification. If I call from inside of company to my work extension, the call is sent to my mobile phone. It´s working fine. But the call is going throught PSTN and there is a number transformation of calling party, because PSTN provider accept only calls from specific number, which our company have. We don´t have DID numbers. We have only a small range of numbers and almost all calls from PSTN are going throught call center. So I see that every call to my mobile phone, which is redirected by CUCM, is identified by the number of our call center. I was thinking that the data connection, which is done between mobile phone and CUMA is carrying calling party identification and I will see origin of a call in my CUMC - external calling party from PSTN (in case of calling to call center from PSTN and forwarding the call to my extension) or extension (if calling directly from another company extension).

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