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require product which satsfy the requirements

Hi all,

I am having some requirements and i need to get a product which will satisfy all the following requirements.

The requirements are:

1. Two-way communications between Users or Directors or VP's and MD or any combination.

2. Point to Point Communication between any User - User - MD

3. Group Communication between Users and MD

4. Proposed System should use the existing LAN UTP/FO backbone available

Paging/mailing/sms facility to the User or public locations

5. Users can schedule or initiate immediate voice, video, and Web conferences through a Web interface, touch-tone or any device, Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes calendar, and IM.

7. Reservation less Meetings

They have already taken the IP/EPBX systems and using the normal PSTN phone for local and remote location communication through their WAN links.

8. They also have video conferencing systems up and running. So they do not want to implement any other video conferencing systems.

9. They want a system by which at any point of time seating in his chamber Chairman or MD can call a meeting with 30 top management persons, who can also attend that meeting (VOICE & VIDEO BOTH) seating at their chamber where as not travelling to the central meeting room.

10. Video scheduling and attendance with Collaborative, presentation and Web seminar meetings.

11. Invitations from MD or Chairman for joining the meeting.

12. Dedicated and sophisticated systems require at every location / chamber. They want system which can be integrated with their existing Laptops or Desktops.

13. Access authentication required for privacy.

Will the Cisco Unified Meetinf Place 6.0 fulfill these requirements?

Waiting for your reply soon...

Thanks in advance,


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