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Restoring Unity 5.0 Call Handler from DiRT backup


We accidentally ran BulkEdit tool againt all call handlers updating some of the key attributes.

We run DiRT backup tool daily, so I tried to see if could restore ONLY the call handers from previous backup. However I'm not sure what option I should select. Also when I specified the backup directory on DiRT restore tool, it gives me the error message;

'The local installation is not clean, some users or other objects have been added. The restore can only be run on a clean, new install of Unity....'

Does this mean, I could only use my DiRT backup to restore Unity with fresh install?

Cisco Employee

Re: Restoring Unity 5.0 Call Handler from DiRT backup

This is how DiRT is designed - I tried to be real clear about it in the help and training videos, please let me know if it was confusing somehow so I can sharpen it up.

DiRT is a total system restore - it's a table based backup and restore tool, you cannot restore individual objects. COBRAS is the object based backup tool that's coming on line now if that's what you want to do (sounds like it's too late).

If you just want to blow away the local install without bothering to install it clean you can run DiRT with the command line option "/dirtyrestore" and it'll let you do that. The check for a clean system is there as a saftey thing - I had a few sites run it against the wrong server in their site and get really angry with me that the tool let them do that - so I default to now allowing it unless you go way out of your way to do so (and hence lose any claim to a grievance).

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