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Restrict Outbound calls by Time of Day

Today,  we have phones in public areas.

we control outbound calls after hours using Extension Mobility.  

Is there a way to restrict outbound calls after hours using another method such as Time of Day routing?

I couldn't find anything.


Re: Restrict Outbound calls by Time of Day

Definitely.  Check out this link for details and then get back with any questions.  It's pretty straightforward.


Re: Restrict Outbound calls by Time of Day

I approach this from an angle that may be slightly different than most approaches.  If you are using line level restrictions (CSS on line levels) then this could fit right into your existing design.  If not, then you would need to make some changes.

So, line level COR means that you have a CSS like:


Which contains a partition like:  BlockInternational_PT

Then you have a pattern like: 9.011 (with Urgent priority set) that is configured to block calls that start with 9011 and is assigned to the BlockInternational_PT partition.

So, if you assigned RestrictInternational_CSS to the line of an IP phone and a user on that phone attempts to place an international call from the line, the system rejects the call.

Now if you wanted to restrict LD then you may have:


Which contains a partition: (1) BlockInternational_PT (2) BlockLD_PT

A LD pattern 9.1[2-9]xx[2-9]xxxxxx is assigned to the BlockLD_PT partition.  You get the idea

Now, let's assume that you had a need to allow LD during the day but block it at night.  You could then create the following:


Partitions:  (1) BlockInternational_PT (2) BlockLD-Night_PT

The BlockLD-Night_PT is assigned a Schedule which contains time periods that align with your closed hours.  More on this in a moment.  The goal is to have the BlockLD-Night_PT "disabled" during the normal operating hours and "enabled" during the closed hours.

So, you assign RestrictLD-Night_CSS to the line.  During the normal/open hours the effective CSS is:

(1) BlockInternational_PT

During closed hours the effective CSS is:

(1) BlockInternational_PT

(2) BlockLD_PT

Now, a quick blurb on ToD routing.  Personally, I like to take the approach of enabling ToD rules during "off hours".  The Cisco approach is usually the opposite but I find that ToD routing is usually an exception to the general routing rules and it makes more sense (to me at least) to create schedules whereby the schedule is "active" when the business is "closed".   Hopefully my approach makes sense via this forum.  I did provide a diagram and some dissection on ToD routing in this thread, that may help convey some additional ideas:

Note, the above was focused on ingress ToD but the same general concepts are applicable.



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Re: Restrict Outbound calls by Time of Day

Thanks for the reply. Today, I am using inbound time of day routing.  However, I need a solution for outbound calling and it might be I am just not grasping the concept for outbound calling. I will look at my current configurations to see if i can duplicate for outbound.

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