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Resynch MWI on pimg integration

Unity 7.0.  I think I may have been hasty in clicking the resynch mwi on my pimg phone integration too many times today.  How long does it take to resynch 4400 phones?  I mistakedly thought that when I saw in the RTMT log the message that resycnh was performed (about 5 minutes after a resynch was initiated) that it was completed, but I now do not think so. Does it queue up each and every resynch you request before it do it's normal mwi functions? If so then my system needs to synch up 7 times for 4400 phones since 11:30am today.  Is this how it works?  Thanks,  Beth


Re: Resynch MWI on pimg integration

Wow, 7 resyncs in a business day is a lot.  Were you having system-wide issues that caused you to do this or what was the reason for so many resyncs?  Unity continues to function; however, the resync jobs (for the full system) can take a while to complete and they also use the ports specified for dial out/MWI to complete this task.  If you want to see the behavior on the Unity side, you can look in the application log.  You'll see an app log where the resync begins and then you should see a log of each action performed and/or failures in sync.  Lastly, you'll see when the job is finished.  If you are having MWI problems that cause you to perform 7 full system resyncs in one day then you'll need to start looking for the root of the problem as this is only going to cause you more grief.  It's best to schedule a single system-wide resync during off-hours as long as MWI is healthy otherwise.


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Re: Resynch MWI on pimg integration

I initiated the re-synchs out of stupidity, I now know better.  I was trolling the syslogs and saw the following:

: 56: Apr 05 23:57:27.761 UTC : %CUC_NOTIFIER-UCEVNT-6-EvtMsgEndSwitchResynch: Finished re-synching subscriber mailboxes with MWI on switch Centrex. 4393 mailboxes have been resynchronized. (Sequence #9) Cluster ID: Node ID:unitycnx1

I should have been suspicious when this message was logged about 5-10 minutes after I started the re-synch.  I ended up rebooted the cluster at midnight which kicked off one more re-synch and everything was fine by about 4am.



Re: Resynch MWI on pimg integration

Check with TAC, there are known SIP issues with the PIMG.  I had a 7.1 CUC with Mitel PIMG a couple months back and after running traces, it was a combo of items.

For one, the Mitel image on CCO was not the latest. Get the latest from Dialogic or request it from TAC.  This helped.

Also, TAC gave me another version of CUC 7.1 that fixed my SIP issues.   But again, if you are running the latest and greatest of CUC, it should fix the problem.  I typically do not recommend running latest and greatest, but with CUC and also Presence, I recommend whatever is the latest on CCO.

The SIP ports were getting locked up between PIMG and CUC.  So probably what was happening was CUC is trying repeatly to set the lights.  If you look at the logs on PIMG, there may or may not be anything going on from CUC.

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