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retired CUP 6.0 and installed new CUP 7.0.5 and things are a little whacky

Okay so I had a loaner server with CUP 6 on it, and everything was good, only had about 12 users in there. Got a new server and version 7 (System version:, so I did a fresh install with so few users in there. Everything looked good so I powered down the old and changed DNS so the users would be on the new one this morning.

Things are working but I am seeing several very inconsistent oddities:

I can see users as available but I cannot message them. (did not receive your message because it could not be delivered.) that same user can message me, I just cannot reply.

The guy sitting next to me shows available, but I show invisible to him even though my status is available. I can message him and he can respond just fine, though he cannot initiate chat because I show offline.

Other users are logged in and available per the CUP server but I don’t see them as online in my contact list.

We didn’t see any of this on version 6 and none of the user profiles changed (save having to rebuild their contact lists)

I am pulling down version right now, because it acts like a bug. Just wanted to see if anyone else had seen this craziness.


Re: retired CUP 6.0 and installed new CUP 7.0.5 and things are a

I think you posted this as resolved in a different post thread, but it looks like the issue is case-sensitivity in CUPS 7.  The username in CUCM and in AD need to match exactly, even down to the case, in order to work properly.

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Re: retired CUP 6.0 and installed new CUP 7.0.5 and things are a

yeah that was the ultimate issue, so I did LDAP integration which opened up a whole new world of issues to overcome. Things are looking mostly good now, if only I could get the AD admins to update the user data with silly little things like phone numbers....

its a shame you can show the thread with a correct answer when you are the one that figures out the issue.

(with the help of tac in this case)



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