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Retrieving a deleted VM

Is there any way to set up unity version 4.0.5 so if a user deletes a VM I can some how retreve it?


Re: Retrieving a deleted VM

u can retrieve deleted unity VMs if your system is not setup to delete them from 'deletedItemsFolder' immediately.

when a VM is deleted, it is put in the 'deletedItemsFolder'. this folder can then be periodically deleted to completely remove the VMs from the system or VMs can be 'undeleted' from here and sent back to the users box. (or an admin on the exchange server can retrieve them manually)

verify is MessageStoreManager is running on your system. (unity tools depot) if it is not, then also verify your default settings for deleted voice mails.

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Re: Retrieving a deleted VM

Is this also true for Cisco Unity Express version 2.1. I can't find the folder "deletedItemsFolder". Please help.

Re: Retrieving a deleted VM

You can try this also. Normally, Exchange has a retention policy by default of 7 days. If you are in Voicemail only, use and Outlook client to attach the the Unity Messaging store to that subscriber account.

Click on deleted items, then click on the Tools in outlook and recover deleted items. Most likely, it's still sitting in the retention item. Retention in Exchange is great. Employees who are ticked off think that if they delete all their email when they fired, its gone. But if you go the retention section or "recovered deleted items"... they are still there.. and that's where you voicemail will be.

You can just check the "deleted items". If not, go to "recover deleted items.


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