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Ring phone during day and straight to vm at night - Unity 4.2.1

During normal office hour:

When customers call 6834401, 4401 will rings and 4519, 4528, 4520 who has multi-line appearance to pick up 4401 calls, will flash to indicate incoming calls.

In the event that none of 4401, 4519, 4528 and 4520 can answer the call, the call will terminate. Callers should not hear the standard greeting of 'extension 68304401 is not available....' Callers cannot leave message if the 4401 is unanswered

After office hour:

When customers call 68304401, callers will not hear ringing, callers will immediately hear the after-hour greetings,

Callers cannot leave message.

How can i get it to ring during the day, and then after hours go straight to closed greeting without ringing the phone first without user having to forward phone to vm at end of day?

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Re: Ring phone during day and straight to vm at night - Unity 4.

One way to do it is to use time of day routing.

Setup 2 partitions, one active during working hours, the other one after hours.

Add the 4401 DN to the working hours partition.

Do not set any CFNA under this DN.

Create a CTI route point with DN 4401 and put it in the after hours partition. CTI route point Call Forward All to the VM hunt pilot.

Create a Call handler in Unity with extension 4401 that will play your closed greeting.

After greeting, go to call handler good-bye.

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