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Schedule on Call Handler

Hello. I have a particular call handler on an active 9am-4pm schedule. We have an upcoming event where on a particular Sat the call handler needs open hours until 8pm. I created another handler that goes until 8pm/Sat (along with open until 430pm today to test it) and applied it to the call handler and saved this afternoon. After 4pm today we tested and the response was the closed greeting. Do the call handlers check the open schedule at every 30 min intervals or just once at the first open time block? Wondering why the test after 4pm today did not work and not confident the new schedule will be applied for Saturday. Unity 4.2(1) on Win2k3 w/ Exchange 2k3. Thanks


Re: Schedule on Call Handler

Can you break out your CH's more:

CallHandler 1


Standard Greeting (8-5)

Closed Greeting (closed hours)


"..created another call handler"


Standard greeting

closed greeting


Any time of day routing from CCM? You could also just do time of day routing. Setup a new time of day routing just for saturday. All calls for Saturday only, go ext 4000. Then record your opening greeting or whatever. After Saturday, your original CH should kick in.

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Re: Schedule on Call Handler

It was being controlled by time of day routing, I guess I was looking in the wrong place. I adjusted the time periods in there and tested today and it worked great. Thanks.

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