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SDL Link Out of Service - Node down

We keep seeing these RTMT alerts and then receive SDL Link out service or server node down. I have been working with TAC but they are not able to pin point if its a CUCM issue or network issues. I have the network team check the CPU usage during this time and nothing major happening same thing on the CUCM side.


 At Tue Oct 28 14:56:48 PDT 2014 on node  the following SyslogSeverityMatchFound events generated: 

SeverityMatch : Alert

MatchedEvent : Oct 28 14:56:23 PUB local7 1 : 18: PUB: Oct 28 2014 21:56:23.242 UTC :  %UC_Location Bandwidth Manager-1-LBMLinkOOS: %[LocalNodeId=1][LocalApplicationID=700][RemoteIPAddress=][RemoteApplicationID=700][LinkID=1:700:SUB02:700][AppID=Cisco Location Bandwidth Manager][ClusterID=EvergreenHospital][NodeID=PUB]: LBM link to remote application is out of service AppID : Cisco Syslog Agent ClusterID


Has anyone experienced this issue? We recently upgraded to 9.x.

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We are experiencing the exact

We are experiencing the exact same thing.  There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary or in the logs, but these errors randomly kick off as far as we can tell for no reason.

I opened a TAC case and they related it to CPU load on our Publisher, I bumped it as recommended and the error cleared for a few days, but just came back today.

Anyone have any insight?  As I said, doesn't seem to be service impacting, so is it just another 'Cisco Feature'?

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I'm getting these almost

I'm getting these almost daily but only between my sub 1 and sub 3 nodes.  But they are not always followed by SDLlink OOS alerts.  In fact they are most often not accompanied by any other alerts.  I am seeing CPU pegging alerts from the pub on a regular basis however.

SDL Link OOS is almost always

SDL Link OOS is almost always network related if none of the CUCM nodes are down.  That is indicative of communication failure between the nodes.  We used to get this on a regular basis, i'd start with firewalls and security appliances and work from there.

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what about the LBM alert? 

what about the LBM alert?  any insight for that one?

LBM is Location Bandwidth

LBM is Location Bandwidth Manager, which goes hand in hand with the SDL error.

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