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Secure SRST on a Cisco2821

Good day to all!

I'm trying to find out if Secure SRST is supported on the Cisco 2821 router. I know that normal SRST is supported and that Secure SRST requires a k9 IOS (that I have in place) however the commands are unrecognised when I type them in. Yes, that usually means that the feature is not supported on that device but I want to be able to confirm that officially with Cisco using some kind of documentation. I've trawled through the huge world of Cisco documentation but most of the information I'm finding is ambiguous or contradictory - can anyone give me a definitive yes or no please?!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Secure SRST on a Cisco2821

Secure SRST services cannot be enrolled while SRST is active. Therefore disable SRST with the no call-manager-fallback command.

Refer to Media and Signaling Authentication and Encryption Feature for Cisco IOS MGCP Gateways for a list of supported Cisco IP phones, routers, network modules, and codecs for secure SRST.

Refer to Cisco Unified SRST 4.0 Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice Products for the most up-to-date information about the maximum number of Cisco IP phones, the maximum number of directory numbers (DNs) or virtual voice ports, and the memory requirements for Cisco SRST.

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