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Server Update Wizard for Unity 7

I can't seem to find any documentation on this, but I'm basically looking for best practices when running the server update wizard.

For example, should I run the update wizard on the failover server first with the "automatic failover and failback" and "file replication" disabled?

Any info is appreciated.  Thanks.


Re: Server Update Wizard for Unity 7

If you have a Unity failover setup with automatic failover configured, then you could safely install updates on the Primary server and allow failover/failback to work as configured.  In this manner, Unity will failover when the server reboots and failover when the server is back online and services are up.  Then when you update the failover server, it just requires install/reboot - i.e., all else is operating normally.  The process can be done in the reverse as well.  Update backup first, then primary.

As far as best practice is concerned, this is probably flexible since the SUW is usually a pretty benign process.  The best practice would be to perform during off-hours when call volume is low.  You shouldn't need to tweak any failover/failback settings as long as you're operating during an approved window.


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Re: Server Update Wizard for Unity 7

Thanks David.  I was thinking of doing the reverse, failover server first then primay.  Will definitely do the installation during off hours.  Thanks again!

Re: Server Update Wizard for Unity 7

See my post above for information on how you can go about using the SUW.


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