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Server Update Wizard on Cisco Unity 5.0

I am just wondering if we can see the latest version of Server Update Wizard that has been installed on Cisco Unity 5.0? 

I understand that it is safe to install the latest version of the Server Update Wizard instead of checking the latest version of Server Update Wizard that has been installed.

Also, does anyone recommend doing Windows Update directly from Microsoft instead of using Server Update Wizard on Cisco Unity 5.0?  I have been told by our Windows Engineering team that our Unity servers are behind on the Windows patched even though I have installed the latest Server Update Wizard.



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Re: Server Update Wizard on Cisco Unity 5.0

Yes you can use the most recently available server update wizard; they are cumaltive.

See the second half of this answer for your second question:

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Re: Server Update Wizard on Cisco Unity 5.0

I believe the version of the Server Updates Wizard, that was extracted to a server, is listed in the name of the folder (e.g. "ServerUpdatesWizard-v.2.0.17-07-2009").   What version was run, and also all the Microsoft patches that were actually installed by it, will be listed in both it's log (ServerUpdatesWizard.log) and should also be available in Add/Remove Programs (assuming "Show Updates" is checked).

Regarding the Windows Update question, no, I wouldn't recommend using it.   I've seen it install service packs before they are qualified by Cisco.

You may, however install hotfixes direct from Microsoft when they are released.   The Support Policy for Microsoft Service Packs and Updates states that:

"Microsoft provides monthly updates for Windows, Exchange, SQL  Server, MSDE, Internet Explorer, and IIS. These updates (known by a variety of  names, including security rollup patches, security updates, critical updates,  patches, and hot fixes) are limited to changes that fix specific problems. They  do not include general defect fixes or new functionality. All of these Microsoft  updates are qualified by Cisco from the day that Microsoft releases them. We  recommend that you evaluate Microsoft updates in accordance with your  server-software-maintenance policy to determine when to update the Cisco Unity  server. If your company does not have a policy, we recommend that Microsoft  updates be applied to the server as they are released. Cisco TAC provides  support for a Cisco Unity system on which such updates have been installed."

However, it also states:

"Microsoft also occasionally releases service packs, which  contain fixes generated since the general product release, including most fixes  that were released as updates. Because the service pack scope is broad, each  service pack must be thoroughly tested to ensure that changes do not adversely  affect Cisco Unity. Cisco TAC does not support new service packs until they have  been qualified for use with Cisco Unity.

Do not install a service pack that has not been qualified, or  Cisco TAC will not help you resolve problems until you uninstall it.

Within 60 days of an applicable Microsoft service pack  release, Cisco will announce whether the service pack can be applied to released  Cisco Unity versions. If so, the new service pack becomes the recommended  service pack for Cisco Unity."

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