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New Member

Services button not working

Hi, im trying to use the extension mobility feature.

We have it setup and working. I currently use an account that works perfectly.

However, the "services" button on our phones, only seem to work on some.

I've compared the device configurations on a phone (7942) that it does work on, to one that it doesn't, and i can't seem to find any differences.

The extension mobility checkbox is enabled. Is there anything else I need to do?

I'm grateful for any help/info!



VIP Super Bronze

Services button not working

What happens when you press the Services button? Nothing? A Host Not Found error? The XML browser but without an Extension Mobility option?

Did you subscribe the service to the phone? Unless you checked Enterprise Subscription on the EM Phone Service to make it global you will need to do this on every phone *and* the Device Profile so the user can logout afterward.

If Host Not Found what is the Services and Authentication URL on the phone and in Enterprise Parameters set to?

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New Member

Services button not working


Sorry, the phone does nothing at all. No errors, nothing comes up. It's as if the button is broken.

I'll check how to susbcribe the service to the device now

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