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Set up an Auto Attendant

We ahve Cisco Call Manager 6.0.1 and Cisco Unity Connection version:

My former IT Manager implemented the system directly with the consultant and they did all the work on the system.

I primariy did the grunt work and I know the basics of administration for creating users and their voicemail boxes.

That is about all I know.  Well he has left teh company and so has the consultant from his.

I am not the IT Manager and I have a new President.  He wants to use an Auto attendant  which we never set up.  The one we have is for evenings which the auto attendant just says dial 4 to Dial by name, or hold on to leave a message..

We want it to say.


1) for Sales > Get routed to a group (I think I figured that out with the Hunt Pilot)

2) for Accounts Payable > Sent to Payable Staff Members Extension

3) for Accounts Receivable  > Sent to Receivables Staff Members Extension

4) for Dial by Name

0) for Operator.

I looked and looked and I can not figure out where one programs that?  Can some one point me in the right direction?

Is their a good book I can read on this that simplifies it.


Re: Set up an Auto Attendant


Start here and if you have issues as you go, just post back and ask.


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Re: Set up an Auto Attendant

This is done in Unity Connections and is called a Call Handler. It's a little difficult to give you a start to finish example on the forum but I will point you to the documentation and you can ask specific questions if you get stuck.

System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection  Release 2.x > Managing Call Handlers

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