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setting up a small out bound call centre

i am setting up a small call centre that is out bound over ip. i have bought the following.2851 router*2, catalsyt 500 switch, 7940g ip phones, and desktops. I have two sites A and B.this is a 16 seater center. can i make calls to the pstn in site b from site A. with only the router on site B plus the pstn trunking or T1 lines, whilst the phones and other router are in site a. the routers in b is configured as a voice gateway.also does callmanager express do predictive outbound hire expert as i am in a remote area south of the sahara.will cisco's quick config tool, work in this case.

thank you in advance


Re: setting up a small out bound call centre

You may certainly send all calls out of site A from site B to PSTN. But you have to consider WAN bandwidth requirements between site A and Site B.

I am not sure if there is any predictive outbound dialling available in CME. You may have to consider Cisco Contact Center Enterprise product for that.


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Re: setting up a small out bound call centre

thanks raj i needed that.

i am leasing a 1mb vpn link between the two sites and i want to use g729 codec. its just that iwas not sure if the route i was taking was feasible espeaslly for an out bound centre doing tele sales, also afraid of ccce hardware requirements in terms of cost.but can i find standalone predictive dialer that i can use in this case even third party.and why can i not use the call recording on the cme for quality monitoring.

have a nice day

Re: setting up a small out bound call centre


You have to spend quite some time planning for the QoS for VOIP calls between the sites. If you are planning to use G729 codec, use the following bandwidth calculator and decide how many calls will it support after your data traffice between the sites

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