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New Member

Several CUMA questions

Hi, I'm just configuring CUMA 7.1. I have some questions about CUMA configuration. Actually, my client cannot connect to CUMA server and I coundn't find the source of this problem.

My CUMA is running, I have connection to AD and activated one user in CUMA. I have also connection to CUCM (7.1) and Presence server. CUCM is not synchronized with AD, but there is end user with the same login and password such as in AD. I added one mobile phone to my test user in CUMA (country = other, provider = other, phone model = Nokia E-series N-series and S60) with tel. number of my mobile phone 420......... .

In CUCM I registered deskphone 7911. End user has associated Remote dest. profile with one Remote destination. In this remote destination is as dest. number my phone number in the same way as in CUMA. This remote dest. is also associated with the line of my deskphone. I have also registered CUMC to CUCM with line of my deskphone.

I have deployment with ASA, but ASA doesn't have certificate signed by VeriSign. I created my own certificate and to my mobile phone I imported certificate of my certificate authority.

1 - my problem is, that CUMC in my phone is not able to connect to CUMA. There can be problem with ASA. Will I see all incoming connections to CUMA in cuma.log? I suppose, that if I will have some bad settings in my phone, I will at least see, that someone is trying to connect to CUMA and from log messages, I will be able to localize problem.

2 - in CUMA - System manag. - Network conf. - Proxy host name -> there is an outside  IP address of ASA, which is accessible from Internet. We don`t have an entry in DNS yet. Can it be a problem?

3 - End users in CUCM are not synchronized with AD. Users in CUMA are taken from AD. End user in CUCM has got the same login and password such as user in AD. Is it OK?

4 - in CUCM, Cisco Unified Mobile Voice Access Service is up and running, Do I need to set up some special mobility configuration in CUCM?

5 - do I need to connect in CUCM registered CUMC and Remote dest. profile or remote destination? Remote destination is set with my mobile phone number and CUMC is registered with the primary line of my deskphone?

I hope, that if there will be some problem in configuration in CUMC, my mobile phone client will be able to log into the CUMA and I will see some error messages in cuma.log

Messages in current cuma.log are:

INFO | null - ThreadPool-Thread-389| com.orative.core.service.sip.uapool.SipConnectionPool| | | | | | inactivityTimerExpired|SipConnectionPool: Inactivity timer callback called. context is com.orative.core.service.sip.uapool.DsConnectionWrapper@1b84411

INFO | non-persistent-timer-queue-tp#6-Thread-282| com.orative.cluster.ManagedServerRegistration| | | | | | register|Registering managed server with admin server at http://localhost:7080/adminportal/registerManagedServer

I will appreciate any help because now don't know the source of my problem:(

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