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New Member

shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Hi All,

I am facing currently a problem with sharing a voice mail.

Here is the current scenario:

We have several agents working in a call center and they all have the voice mail profile set to the same.

On the Cisco Unity there is an extension, e.g. 1951 added to the system.

To get access for all these agents to the VM extension 1951 I have added their extensions as "Alternate Extension".

The problem is that I can only add 9 Alternate Extensions but I have a lot more Agents who needs access to that specific shared voice mail number.

Also the MWI notification needs to be set up as well.

Can somebody please help me on this issue? Or does somebody knows another solution how to imlement this? Any help would be appriciated.

Many thanks in advance,



Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Hi Michael,

I'm on my first coffee of the day so hopefully I've read and understood your

question properly If all of the Agent personal DN's need to point to the mailbox @ 1951

you won't need to use Alternate extensions;

If you look in CUCM Admin there is an area called Voicemail Profile. Feature > Voicemail > Voicemail Profile. This area allows you to configure a Profile that points to a specific DN/Voicemail Box. When you apply this Profile to DN's any call that forwards to the Voicemail System from these DN's will be directed to the specified Voicemail.

For your example: let's say you want all calls that go to Agent DN 1001 and then forward to VM

to go to the 1951 mailbox.

You would create a Profile in CUCM called "Agent Transfer_MB or whatever" which points to DN 1951 (**Voicemail Box Mask = 1951). Apply this new profile to 1001 (under DN config page VM-Profile) and when calls route through 1001 and forward to voicemail they will recieve the 1951 Greeting etc.

This profile can be applied to as many phones as needed

For the Alternate MWI question;

Here are the methods for Unity and Unity Connection;

For Unity Connection;

Message Waiting Indicators

Cisco Unity Connection can set message waiting indicators (MWIs) at up to 10 extensions for a user when new voice messages arrive.

When a user account is added, Connection automatically enables the MWI at the primary extension for the user.

You can change MWI settings, and add or delete MWI extensions in Cisco Unity Connection Administration on the Message Waiting Indicators page for a user.

To Add MWIs for Other Extensions

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the user for whom you want to add another MWI.

Step 2 On the Edit menu, click Message Waiting Indicators.

Step 3 On the Message Waiting Indicators page, click Add New.

Step 4 On the New Message Waiting Indicator page, check the Enabled check box.

Step 5 In the Display Name field, enter a description for the MWI.

Step 6 Optionally, check the Inherit User's Extension check box to use the primary extension for the user as the extension on which the message waiting indicator (MWI) appears.

Step 7 In the Extension field, enter the extension for the MWI. When entering characters, consider the following:

•Enter digits 0 through 9. Do not use spaces, dashes, or parentheses.

•Enter , (comma) to insert a one-second pause.

•Enter # and * to correspond to the # and * keys on the phone.

Step 8 In the Phone System field, click the name of the phone system that the extension is assigned to.

Step 9 Click Save.

Step 10 Repeat Step 2 through Step 9 as necessary.

For Unity;

Setting Up Alternate MWIs for Extensions on the Same Phone System

Cisco Unity can activate alternate MWIs for extensions on the same phone system. Note that depending on the phones and phone systems, some additional phone system programming may be necessary. Refer to the installation guide for the phone system.

To enable alternate MWIs for extensions on the same phone system, do the following procedure for each subscriber who needs alternate MWIs.

To Set Up Alternate MWIs for Extensions on the Same Phone System


Step 1 In the Cisco Unity Administrator, go to the applicable Subscribers > Subscribers > Messages page.

Step 2 Confirm that the Use MWI for Message Notification check box is checked.

Step 3 Click the Add button located beneath the MWI Extensions table to add a row to the table. By default, the first row in the table contains an "X" to indicate the primary extension assigned to a subscriber. If you want one more extension and do not need to activate the MWI on the primary extension, you can also modify the first row.

Step 4 Enter the applicable extension in the Extension field of the table. MWIs are automatically enabled for all rows in the table. When entering characters in the MWI Extensions table, consider the following:

Enter digits 0 through 9. Do not use spaces, dashes, or parentheses.

Enter , (comma) to insert a one-second pause.

Enter # and * to correspond to the # and * keys on the phone.

Step 5 Click the Save icon.

Step 6 Repeat Step 3 through Step 5 as necessary.

Hope this makes sense!


Cisco Employee

Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Nice, Rob!  +5

New Member

Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Hi Rob,

thank you for your detailed explanation at the early morning

But actually this will not solve my problem :/ ...

So, the first point is the MWI can only be set up for up to 10 extensions but this is not enough at all.

I have around 23 agents her and they all need to be notify via the MWI when a new message is in the queue.

Regarding the alternate extension...

I have now found out that this is only to administrate the voicemail box 1951 but also - for some reason - the MWI only works if the extension is also added at alternate extension. I do not really know why...

But the Voicemail profiles are already configured and they are working.

Can you help me further ?

Many thanks



Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions


The Dispatch Messaging feature may meet your requirement.

The downside is that every user will need their own mailbox license.

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Hi Michael,

Nice thinking James (+5 for this good idea)

If it were me, I wouldn't want 23 people checking 1 mailbox. This may

lead to confusion where multiple people are dealing with the same message.

There may be cases where two or more people access the mailbox simultaneously

which can lead to some crazy consequences.

The proverbial ..."I thought you were taking care of that" type scenario. You are

probably better off limiting who has access and responsibility for checking these messages

In some instances we've just set up 1 central phone that has the MWI lamp for the

Group mailbox so everyone can see it

Just some Friday morning thoughts.



Re: shared voice mail - alternate extensions

Dispatch messaging may well be an option as James said.  This is an often misunderstood feature, with dispatch messaging you send messages to a distribution list via a Call Handler or Interview Handler.  Not a bad thing...just often overlooked.


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