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Silent monitoring calls with CUCM 6.0 and UCCX 5.0

Dear all,

We have just integrated a 3rd party recording solution in our VoIP system, which consists of CUCM 6.0 and UCCX 5.0.

Until now we used the recording and monitoring solution of the UCCX for the agents. This worked ok.

But, as we wanted to record other people's calls and also the outgoing calls of the agents, we have created for them a Recording profile in the CCM and assign it to the agents phone.

We have also mantained the recording and monitoring active for them in the UCCX.

What is happenning now is the following:

- The 3rd party recordings works perfectly.

- The recording in the UCCX gets only one way audio.

- The silent monitoring gets only one way audio.

- If the 3rd party recording server is stopped, but the recording profile is stil active in the phones, the silent monitoring in the UCCX works.

Could any of you confirm if using a 3rd party recording solution the monitoring still works?

Is there any 3rd party silent monitoring software?

Thanks in advcance.

Best regards,


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Re: Silent monitoring calls with CUCM 6.0 and UCCX 5.0

We've got to delimit the problem.

When we use 3rd party recording solution there are 4 RTP flows: 1 incoming to monitored/recorded phone and 3 flows outgoing.

1 incoming RTP flows

- voice of remote phone

3 outgoing RTP flows

- voice of monitored/recorded phone

- voice of monitored/recorded phone sent to 3d party recording server

- voice of remote phone sent to 3rd party recording server

When we use a network analyzer we see that the agent running in the PC (UCCX 5.0) establishes two RTP flows for the monitoring session. But we can see that one of these flows sends 3 packet RTP per 1 packet RTP sent in the other RTP flow (in the same time).

We think agent sends to monitoring device all the outoing RTP packets of the phone (that belong to three different RTP flows), instead of sending only the RTP packets belonging to voice of monitored/recorded phone.

The other flow, voice of remote phone, sounds fine.

Is there a solution to avoid this problem when we monitor with UCCX 5.0 and record with a 3rd party software at the same time?



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Re: Silent monitoring calls with CUCM 6.0 and UCCX 5.0

This sounds like dumb coding on Calabrio's part. I would recommend opening at TAC case and seeing if you can get them to open a defect for this.

If you are a Calabrio partner, you can submit a feature request within the Calabrio partner portal; however, that will get far less attention then a Cisco defect report.

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Silent monitoring calls with CUCM 6.0 and UCCX 5.0

Hello Amaia,

Can you tell me how do you solve this problem?

I have same issue with Zoom CallREC recording solution and I thing the problem is on Cisco Agent Desktop part witch is not so customized. I have CUCM 6.1 and UCCX 5.0.

Thank you,


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