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Single CCM cluster with single Unity VM

hi all,

I have a case that using one CCM cluster with one Unity VM for mutliple branches. Since the DID is overlapped. I have to create the whole number for different subscribers (e.g. 2110-2223 for branch A and 2220-2223 for branch B, where Phone A DN = 2223 and phone B DN = 2223).

Now, my question is:

1. can unity do greeting with "2223" instead of the whole 8-digit annoucement ?? (for leaving VM and checking VM between subscribers)

2. can I create two separate VM pilot numbers (e.g. 2110-2110 for branch A and 2220-2220 for branch B users so that they can check their BM remotely via PSTN and user needn't request to keyin the whole 8-digit but just 4-digit). Is that ok? I found someone suggest to use "alternate extension", but in my case, but there is only one Unity in my environent and this approach does not work)

Thanks for your help in advanced.



Re: Single CCM cluster with single Unity VM

the suggestion of 'alternateExtension' pertains to unity subscriber extension numbering. this may be useful in your situation. see the following link for more info for an example:

if you translate 2223 into the specific unity subscriber extension then you should be able to have unity greet 2223 for at least the one caller translated. (not suggested)

for unity to understand the extension entered, it should be as defined for the subscriber. (8 digits extension requires 8 digits entered)

haven't used two pilots to the same unity but i'd think you could just create a new vmPilot & vmProfile as well as a huntPilot & huntGroup and assign the same huntList to that new huntGroup.

New Member

Re: Single CCM cluster with single Unity VM


thanks for your reply

I think the "altenate extension" is not applicable to my case as i cannot assign same "alternate extension" into two subscribers "21102223" and "22202223". anyway, I think I can teach them to keyin "8-digit" instead of "4-digit" for subscriber login from 3rd phone.

however, I want to configure the Unity such that it will only do greet to the caller/subscriber with 4-digit (not the whole 8-digit number). e.g. the unity will do greeting like this (sorry extension, 2 1 1 0 2 2 2 3 , is not availble, please....) when callers call to that subscriber, is it possible to configure the Unity such that, it will only greet with (Extension 2 2 2 3, ....), it saves users lots of time when they leave or check the voice mail.

you mention there is a translation. how to do that??

my unity subscriber is "21102223" and "22202223" and

the phone DN = 2223 (in Partition A) and DN = 2223 (in Partition B) with different VM profile and mask.

thanks for your help again

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