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Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality


We have a small install with CUC v8.6, Single Inbox configured, and Exchange 2003.

When callers leave a message, it appears in Outlook - no problem.

When you delete the message in Outlook, it does not delete it from CUC nor change the MWI status. If it does, it takes hours.

When you check messages via the TUI - everything works as expected and the voicemail is deleted from Exchange/Outlook.

HELP! Any ideas or anyone else having a similar issue?


Cisco Employee

Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality

Hi Ben,

You mention when you delete the message it doesn't toggle MWI, what about just marking the message read?  Does that work?  One quick way to try and cut the problem in half would be to leave a message and have user login to Outlook Web Access (have their Outlook client shut down) and mark the message read or delete it and see if MWI updates.  This eliminates any client to server communication anomalies we've seen in the past between Outlook and the Exchange server(s).  If you directly ask the Exchange server via OWA to make the change, this will tell you if WebDAV notifications are leaving Exchange headed for UC properly and that something between the client/server could be going on.  You may also want to try disabling cached mode on an Outlook client to see if that's contributing to the symptoms too.

The delayed fashion that you're seeing is most likely when Unity does it's scheduled full mailbox sync behind the scenes, and updates everyone at that time.


Community Member

Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality

Thanks for the reply! When I checked and deleted the message from OWA the MWI on my phone did not turn off. You believe this is a WebDav issue? Are there specific things I should check for on Exchange?

Cisco Employee

Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality

Sounds like the WebDAV communication between UC and Exchange isn't working.  I would make sure you've followed all of the necessary steps in the documentation with regards to Exchange 2003 integration/permissions.  Here is the step to make sure WebDAV is enabled in IIS:

If it's enabled, I would set these traces in UC:

Macro traces:

Single Inbox traces

Micro traces:

CsWebDav - all

CsMbxSync - all

DBEvent - 3,12

Repro the issue with a new message, and collect the following from RTMT:

Connection Mailbox Sync

Connection DB Event Publisher

Hopefully that'll shed some light.


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Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality

The traces honestly don't appear to have much. From the Exchange though when we try to telnet to UC on port 7080 it closes right away.

There are not firewalls or anything in the path... and we confirmed the "jetty" service is running

Cisco Employee

Single Inbox, one-way Exchange functionality

It's hard to tell without seeing the logs, I would open a TAC case to get some eyes on them if nothing sticks out.  Jetty isn't directly used for Exchange 2003 integrations with WebDAV.  It's used in 2007/2010 environments.

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