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single voicemail access number

If multiple (say 3) Unity servers are associated with a CallManager Cluster, can there be a single number used for accessing voicemail no matter what system a user is on? What I would like is to be taken to the proper system simply by entering my extention and PIN.


Re: single voicemail access number

Hi -

Check out the Unity digital networking section and requirements -

And section on cross-server login

Here is how it works:

1. In the Network -Dialing Domains section of each Unity SA, you code the Pilot numbers of the other Unity server(s)

2. Check the box that says "Subscribers dial the same number to log on to Cisco Unity

(Cross-server logon uses server and dial string information entered in Pilot Numbers section to transfer calls.)"

3. Advertise one access number for all Unity subscribers

4. When subscribers dial this access number, press the # sign for sign-on or whichever key you have in the Opening Greeting selected for Sign-on

5. Users are prompted for userid. When the userid is entered, if the user is local to that Unity server, they hear the request for password prompt. If the user is not local to that Unity server, he hears "One moment please" while he is transfered to his home Unity server. The home Unity server then asks the user for password. The prompt is coded by checking the box "Play prompt during cross-server logon, transfer, and live reply so that callers know something is happening"


Sincerely, Ginger

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