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SMTP Field keeps getting removed (not same ? as other posts)

I added a handful of accounts yesterday and they didn't work because for some reason the SMTPAddress field was missing. I manaully added the SMTP field within Unity SQL database and I was off to the races. Today I looked at them and most of the SMTPAddresses fields were empty, MOST not all. I looked in exchange 2003 (sp1) and there is the correct SMTP address in the exchange account but UNITY would delete the ones in there.

I do have a error in event log about not connecting to

but check out this error

The Cisco Unity service that monitors the global catalog (AvDSGlobalCatalog) is connected to the global catalog server washington.homesoc_web. However, that GC is located in the Active Directory site Homesoc_web and the Cisco Unity server is in the site homesoc_web. This can cause excessive use of the intersite connection for replication traffic. If intersite bandwidth is an issue, use the Directory Monitor Tool to choose a new global catalog for this domain.

the only difference is a capital H on the GCS and not on the unity but we have made NO NEW CHANGES lately. has been there and unchanged for over a year.

I am monitoring it now to see how long until that SMTPAddress field in the Unity SQL disappears

Exchange is 2003 SP1

Exchange Server OS is 2003 Standard

Unity is 4.0(4)

Unity Server OS is 2000


Re: SMTP Field keeps getting removed (not same ? as other posts)

I would check a couple more things:

- Exchange 2003 SP1 is loaded on the Unity Server. All Exchange servers version must match.

- any AD errors anywhere? Is it possible that your Unity server is timing out with the connection to a remote GC? If the Unity server is has heavy usage, you may want to install a local GC and take the load off the Unity server.

- check your Exchange Server Receipent Policy that nothing has changed in there. If a policy was updated in this section, it will replicated to all the users of the Exchange server, then replicate through AD and down to Unity.

hope this helps.


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