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SNMP install question on Unity 5.0(1)


     We just had a hardware refresh and some upgrades done on a Unity 5.0(1) server.  I'm being told that SNMP was not added to the new server.  Apologizing in advance for the question, but where can I find SNMP to install now?  Is it on the Windows media or the Unity media?  Anyone have any links regarding this.  I've found plenty on configuring SNMP once service is there, but in my case, it's not there.




Re: SNMP install question on Unity 5.0(1)

You'll need to install the RSK or Remote Serviceability Kit which you can find on  You should read up on the documentation there and then reference the following:


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Re: SNMP install question on Unity 5.0(1)

Thanks David.  Really appreciate the info. I was looking for how to install the actual SNMP service.  I poked around a bit more found it.

How to install SNMP:

Go to Start | Control Panel | Add Or Remove Programs.
Choose Add/Remove Windows Components.
In the Windows Components window, scroll down and select Management And Monitoring Tools. Don't put a check mark in the selector box; simply select the entry.
Click Details.
Scroll down and select the check box next to Simple Network Management Protocol.
Click OK to return to the Windows Component window.
Click Next and, if prompted, insert the Windows CD.
When you're done with these steps, configure SNMP with the appropriate community strings by opening the Services Control Panel applet and locating the SNMP Service. Open the service's Properties page by double-clicking the service.


Re: SNMP install question on Unity 5.0(1)

Gotcha.  Misunderstood what you were asking.  Look into the RSK as well.


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