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Some but not all phones not displaying Corporate Directory

We are having problems with some of our phones not displaying the Corporate directory through the directories button. Phones invovled are both 7940G's and 7960G's there are no differences between the phones where it still works and the phones where it has stopped working, they are all running the same firmware APP Load P00308000400 they are all registerd to the same subscriber and are all on the same LAN segment. a reset of the phone fixes the issue.

There is no activity in the W3SVC log for the phone that cannot display the directory so it looks like it is not sending the request. The directories URL is displaying the correct information on the network configuration page of the phone. I am at a loss of what is causing this random issue, perhaps it is a memory issue???

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Some but not all phones not displaying Corporate Directory

I have an update to this, i have ran a couple of wireshark captures and found that the phone is not even sending the request for the HTTP even though the directoires.xml page is listed in the phone configuration.

We are going to upgrade the firmware to the latest to see if this fixes the fault long term!

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