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Sorry, system call handler is not available


I'm trying to create new System Call Handlers on CUCM 7.1.5 and transfer to it from another system call handler, greeting 1 using option 4

I created the SCH greeting 2, set my options, transfer to ext 1, 2 or 3  in this case, and recorded my greeting from the greetings menu. Schedule is all hours.

When I hit 4 from greeting 1, "I get the message, sorry, greeting 2 is not available. Record your message at the tone"

I've been searching all day, lots of people have this problem, but solution is not clear cut.

I have existing call handlers set up by the original installing engineer that work, and I have compared every single setting, and can't find a difference.

Some posts talk about CTI routes, but the working SCH doesn't have one configured,  so I don't think thats the answer. I looked at trying it but made my head pound harder just contemplating it. 

Anyone have any good suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Joe, Hi. First of all what

Joe, Hi.


First of all what should be the call flow.

Your problem description is not clear enough.

Let´s see, You have a CTI RP call forward all to voicemail, then the call hits the call handler and you hear what? (make an example)...

if the extensions that the call shouldb be routed are not unity extensions, you will need to check:


1- Unity routing tables

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, expand Call Management, then expand Call Routing. For direct calls, select Direct Routing Rules. For forwarded calls, select Forwarded Routing Rules.

2-make sure that the Css VM ports reach the PT of the DN´s  (Callmanager side)

3- You have the checkbox for Allow Transfers to Numbers Not Associated with Users or Call Handlers

Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, go to the Greetings page for the applicable user, user template, call handler, or call handler template.

Step 2 Select the applicable greeting.

Step 3 On the Edit Greeting page, check the Allow Transfers to Numbers Not Associated with Users or Call Handlers check box.

Step 4 Select Save.


Please let me know if you have any questions or doubts about this.




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Hello VHiliarioThanks for

Hello VHiliario

Thanks for replying. The problem was either Java, or I wasn't pressing the save button. I dug out an old XP laptop with an old version of Java, but also somewhere in there I also figured out that I needed to press the save button. It wasn't saving the recorded greetings. It might have been simple as that. I assumed if I could play the message back then it was saved, but thats not the case. Thanks again! Case closed!

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