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SQL - DC/GC Sync

I recently moved 100 mailboxes from Exchange Server A to Exchange Server B,

When I check the Exchange Homeserver for these users in SA/Subsriberdump I see them on Exchange Server A,

I ran DCGC Reconnect and DOHProp but still see these users on Exchange

Server A

There was a issue while moving the mailboxes initially, the mailbox moves

were failing, this was due to h/w storage issue on Exchange Server A, this was fixed and then the moves were fine.

Exchange - 2007

Unity - 5.0(1)



Re: SQL - DC/GC Sync

If you moved from Exchange servers, and did not re-run permissions wizard and Mailstore wizard, then you need to run these. Also, make sure Unity has access to the new Exchange store/server.. DNS is resolving correctly from Unity to new Exchange server, etc.

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Re: SQL - DC/GC Sync

I have not moved from one exchange server to another, only some mailboxes (100) are moved, both the exchange servers have Unity subscribers and are active in production.


Cisco Employee

Re: SQL - DC/GC Sync

Chances are SQL isn't getting updated with the new MailstoreObjectID. You can look at the "Mailstore" table, and verify each mail store's MailstoreObjectID then compare the value to that of the subscriber's MailstoreObjectID that they belong to (or should belong to) which is located in the "Subscriber" table under MailstoreObjectID column.

One way you can resync these is to run X:\Commserver\ConfigurationSetup\setup.exe /sync

Or, for the ambitious customers (TAC doesn't recommend this), you can modify SQL for say, 1 user, to verify it gets pointed to the new mail store and test.

Hope that helps,


Community Member

Re: SQL - DC/GC Sync

These are Exchange 2007 servers, so the

X:\Commserver\ConfigurationSetup\setup.exe /sync option doesnot work (attached screenshot),

Any other way apart from direct sql edit ?


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