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SQL Question

I need to run a series of reports to validate configuration. Can someone tell me how the schedule is tied to a user and subscriber template. I do not see ScheduleObjectID listed in the fields. Also can someone point me to the convertion for the timezone. I see numbers like 19662802, how to I tell that it is Central timezone?

Cisco Employee

Re: SQL Question

You'll have to provide detailed version information. The timezone and schedule sheme is very different between Unity and Connection and has changed across versions.


Re: SQL Question

Cisco Unity 4.2(1)

Cisco Employee

Re: SQL Question

ok - so the schedule information is linked off the call handler associated with the subscriber in Unity - this is called the subscriber's primary call handler. Since the schedule is used for transfer (contact) rules and greeting rules which are built on the call handler, changes to the subscriber's schedule are stored here.

so on the call handler you'll see a "ScheduleObjectName" which you can use to get the row in the vw_Schedule view. The trick here is the actual schedule information is stuffed into a 12 byte binary format for each day of the week in that table which needs to be unpacked to break it into it's hours.

Those 12 bytes break into 96 0s and 1s, of course - and each one represents a 15 minute chunk of the day (96 * 1/4 = 24 hours). Yes, the SA only lets you schedule down to half hour chunks but schedules are stored in 15 minute granularity. The Audio Text Manager app lets you fiddle with it at this level as a side note.

Anyway, you have to bust the value out like that to break the schedule down. If you need more details on how to go about this let me know.

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