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New Member

SRST as Multicast MOH

Hello Folks

I have centralized deployment, the cluster has 2 servers running CCM 7.x, the MOH Servers are enabled for multicast, the ip address and port are configured, the multicast increment is set to "Ip address"

On the selected audio source field on the option 1 (which is the MOH file that we want to use) the hop count is set to 1

The NOH audio source has the box check for Allow multicasting.

I created an MRG that include both serves and is enabled for Multicast, the MRGL has the Moh MRG. the MRGL is assigned to the phones and the remote gateway. the phones have the user/network audio source selected to option 1

the remote gateway has the wav file loaded in flash.

the call-manager-fallback has the

multicast moh port 16384 route <ip address of the sub interface dedicated for voice>

If I put a call on hold on the remote branch, the phone is not playing the music from the local gateway. i get beeps

either internal or external calls. what am i missing?

your help is greatly appreciated


Cisco Employee

Re: SRST as Multicast MOH

New Member

Re: SRST as Multicast MOH


I followed the document and I didn't configure the region. i just did and i still get the beeps. if i launch performance i see that the multicast session becomes active however the router doesn't play anything.

do you guys have any suggestions ?


Cisco Employee

Re: SRST as Multicast MOH


First of all verify that the MOH file is fine by using the following command

show ephone summary

If the output has 'INVALID' in it than your MOH file in the flash is not proper.

Next, call the phone in branch office from PSTN and put the PSTN on hold. Run the following command on the router

show ccm-manager music-on-hold

you should see an output with multicast address, RTP port#, etc.

Also, since you are using increment by IP address, you should make sure that the proper multicast IP is configure in IOS.

Check this link, it explains how port/ip address are incremented


New Member

Re: SRST as Multicast MOH

I think this is my problem

the ip address/port I have that no problem

when i issue the show ephone summ

this is what i get

tclinrt1#sh ephone sum


Max 0, Registered 0, Unregistered 0, Deceased 0 High Water Mark 0, Sockets 0

ephone_send_packet process switched 0

Max Conferences 8 with 0 active (8 allowed)

Skinny Music On Hold Status

Active MOH clients 0 (max 320), Media Clients 0, B-ACD Clients 0

No MOH file loaded

File play position 0 file type 0

Play offset 0, Write offset 0,File start 0 end 2147483647 current type 0

Data at 0, size 0

RTP ssrc 0 timestamp_offset 0 position 0 reposition 0

Max process service interval 0 (last 0)

Min interval -1, missed 0 run 0 (us)

moh_process_service counter 0

Max Media process interval 0 (last 0) run 0 (us)

File system max access time 0 (us) (last 0) with late-reads 0

0 clients interrupt service, 0 process level

0 no-conversion, 0 a-to-mu, 0 mu-to-a

0 packets serviced at interrupt, 0 at process

"No MOH file loaded"

on the flash the file is there

13 6866968 BeStillMyLove.wav

what do i need to do to fix this ?

Cisco Employee

Re: SRST as Multicast MOH


show ephone summary should give you an output with something like this

File type AU Media_Payload_G.711Ulaw64k 160 bytes

In the link I send you, you should have a couple of sections on how to verify and troubleshoot the Multicast MOH from router's flash. Please go through that.