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SRST with Unity

CM4.2.3sr1, Unity 4.x, and IOS 12.4.8 with SRST ver 3.3:

In CM mode, to reach VM, PSTN caller hits did 3777 which gets translated to internal Non-DID 6900 that is the Unity VoiceMail Pilot.

In SRST mode, the above is a problem. How do I fix this?

How does SRST work with Unity VM? and what show or debug commands can I use to verify that Unity is registered to SRST?


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Re: SRST with Unity

Re: SRST with Unity

A few things to remember

a. Your telco should support RDNIS carried over from remote site to main site where Unity is.

b. When RDNIS is sent, most telcos are particular about how you mark the isdn plan and type. A lot of IOSes are buggy in 12.4. They dont mark it properly, so you may have to use translation rules to set the appropriate type and plan.



Re: SRST with Unity

I read through those before. The problem is that Unity Pilot is Non-DID

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Re: SRST with Unity

I see, there needs to be PSTN connectivity back at the site where Unity and CM are located to redirect these calls in case of SRST. You can use any DID and perform translation on CM. If you don't have PSTN at the data center, you could try sending the call to another "reliable" site, and use that site's DID for Unity. Obviously if that site is in SRST all other sites wont be able to get to Unity when they're in SRST as well.


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