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SRSV and extension mobility

Hi Guys,

We have a remote site that uses extension mobility. All phones are configured with dummy extensions. All user extensions are assigned to UDPs. Users are logged in to phones all the time. Dummy extensions are in the 5xxx range, user extensions are in the 7xxx range.

We are having an issue with Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (SRSV) subscriber provisioning for this site.

This is how provisioning process works:

SRSV-UMG contacts the CUCM to retrieve the list of phones associated with the remote site and the list of DNs assigned to the phones. Then it uses this list of DNs to find the mailboxes with corresponding extensions on the CUC and replicates the mailboxes to the SRSV-CUE installed in the remote site gateway.

The issue is that the SRSV-UMG gets the list of DNs assigned to the phones (dummy static numbers), but not the list of DNs active on the phones (user UDP DNs). On the logged-in extension mobility phones the DN active on the phone is the DN assigned to UDP.

So, SRSV-UMG gets the list of the dummy numbers from the phones , can not find any mailboxes on the CUC and does not replicate any mailboxes to the SRSV-CUE.

My question is: Does SRSV works with extension mobility?

It seems that the SRSV-CUE can not retrieve the lists of logged in DNs. Is it a bug or a limitation?



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Re: SRSV and extension mobility

For those who are interested.

Official word from Cisco development – SRSV-UMG with extension mobility is not currently supported.

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