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Staff taking too long on their phones.

We recently deployed a Cisco Unified Callmanager for a client in town.

Its working okay but i have a problem:a number of staff are 'overusing' the facility-some staff are talking on the phone for extensively long periods of time-some even engage their phones for upto 4 hours-due to the CAC and AAR configurations some calls either end being dropped or channeled through the PSTN.

If i can find a solution where i can set the talk time to may be a maximum of 30 minutes then I'll be okay.

All am asking for is some guidance on setting the maximum talk time,it can even be better if i can have a solution for interbranch calls(limited) and unlimited for the HQ where bandwidth is not a problem.

Thank you.



Re: Staff taking too long on their phones.


No easy out of the box solution here.

My suggestion would be to use the old fashioned people approach.

Configure CDR. Give your managers / team leaders / supervisors access to their teams lines.

Check reports for excessive calls.. take appropriate people level action.

You can also buy 3rd party products to monitor CDR, and set business rules / alerts etc to assist with this.

Also check the calling priviliges of people and adjust if possible.



Re: Staff taking too long on their phones.

One alternative would be to change the maximum call duration, however this is applicable to all phones.

Within the CallManager service parameters, there is a maximum call duration timer service parameter, this also controls the maximum conference duration.

The default is 720 minutes, so you could change this to something more appropriate. As I said this is applicable to all Phones, so 30 minutes may or may not be practical?



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