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Staging UCCX on 7845-H2 and run it on 7835-H2, is it possible?

I intend to stage the UCCX server in 7845-H2 in my company and bring the server over during the migration. It's an in-box upgrade for cucm and uccx during the same weekend. I'm just worried that i can't bring the UCCX up in time, i will use my office server for the time being.

Since i will have the staged server in place, I'm wondering by inserting the hard disk (w config) from 7845-H2 into 7835-H2, will works?

I checked the spec, it looks similar expect 7845 came with 4 hdd, 2 physical processor and 4gb rams. I'm worried of the typical windows issue such as blue screen due to driver issues, etc.


Re: Staging UCCX on 7845-H2 and run it on 7835-H2, is it possibl

Sorry there is no way that this will work as the Cisco version of the Windows OS will notice the difference in processors and disks. The only way that I can think of doing this is to make the 7845 look like a 7835 - i.e. pull out one processor (I have never done this) and two of the disks.

I am not sure I would recommend trying this with a $24k server though!

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