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Storage for AIM2-CUE

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to run CUE along side CME on a Cisco 2821 router. I will be purchasing an AIM2-CUE-K9 online, although so far I have not had any luck finding modules that include flash memory.

I am having trouble finding any kind of documentation regarding the flash/storage requirements for the newer AIM2-CUE. I know with the older AIM-CUE modules they used Compact Flash for storage. Is this the same for the AIM2-CUE?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Hi Derrick,You can check

Hi Derrick,

You can check Tables 6-11 of the following link for various specifications related to AIM2-CUE







Thanks for your reply Manish.

Thanks for your reply Manish. Although all I can seem to see in that link is that the AIM2 module uses SDRAM, and has a max capacity of 256MB. 

I cant imagine that is used for storing voicemail messages and AA prompts.

I am looking to find out what it uses to store the CUE image and all the messages. Any ideas?

Judging by the pictures it doesn't seem to have a slot for a compact flash card like the AIM-CUE module does.

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