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Store and Forward , Fax Detect problems...

I cannot configure the Fax and store Dial peers and Fax detect. The connection schema has the following details:

1) First an external user dials the number 3987980 and receives a prompt

saying "If you want a voice call press "1" or press START to send a fax.

This call access to the system by an E1 connection in port 0/3/0:15

2) The destination extension is 2273 in a cisco 7911 phone and has the

respective user and and voicemail, if the external user dials 1? it sends

to the extension; if the final user is present answers the call and ends,

else if the final user is absent the call goes to the voicemail and ends.

3) If the external party press START in the fax machine, accepts the call

and translate the incoming fax into an email attachment and sends it to (The email server is with IP

I'm trying to configure that. I have the initial prompt, when press "1", it

redirects to the extension 2273 BUT when I press START in the remote fax

machine, it connects to the voicemail and records the fax tone and put it on

a voice message, NEVER translates it into an email attachment as data.

I'm supposing that when I press START in the Remote Fax Machine, it doesn't

have to ring in the final extension..but in my case is not like this.

Have I to deactivate de voicemail in fax calls?..or what have to do in the

Unity?. I'm very confussed about that.


!!!!First a translation rule for change the external number 3987980 to 2273

voice translation-rule 2

rule 1 /^3987980/ /2273/

!Create a profile for the translation rule

voice translation-profile PSTN

translate called 2

!!!!This is the application


package spanish

use paramspace spanish


service off_ramp_1 flash:app_faxmail_offramp.


service fax_det22 flash:app_fax_detect.

param fax-dtmf 2

param mode default-fax

param account-id-method gateway

param voice-dtmf 1

param prompt flash:/prompts/sp/


service on_ramp_1 flash:app_faxmail_onramp.



!!!First active the on_ramp_1 in a pots dial peer remember the call arrives

in E1 (port 0/3/0:15)

dial-peer voice 3987980 pots

service on_ramp_1

incoming called-number .

!Translation of 3987980 in 2273 (is it correct to be here???)


port 0/3/0:15

!Active the t37 store and fordward

dial-peer voice 370 mmoip

service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound

destination-pattern 3987980

information-type fax

session target

!Active the fax detect (fax_det22) application

dial-peer voice 371 pots

service fax_det22

incoming called-number 3987980


!Translation of 3987980 in 2273 (is correct here???)

translation-profile incoming PSTN


!In configuration guide says "Configure at least one outbound VoIP dial peer

on the on-ramp gateway for voice messaging." the IP address of the

voice-mail server is not sure about this part

dial-peer voice 372 voip

!What destination use???

destination-pattern 3987980

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-signal

fax rate disable


!This is another part i have doubts, in the guide says "Configure at least

one outbound dial peer on the on-ramp gateway for fax."...I don?t this correct????

dial-peer voice 375 voip

!What destination use???

destination-pattern 3987980

dtmf-relay h245-signal

fax protocol t38

session target ipv4:


Could you please suggest me how to meet all these requirements and solve the

final application.


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