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Stream Live Football results to phone


Possibly a strange request but HR have asked what can IT do to provide employees with live football results without having to leave their desk or surf the net all day. My first thought was to stream the results in a marqee style to the IP phone which i know is possible for stocks, traffic etc but has anyone seen anything for football results (world cup)?

My skills in this area are really limited unfortunatly.

Best wishes



Re: Stream Live Football results to phone

I recall an application that was designed to retrieve web content, and then parse it in some way to create XML content that could then be used by the IP phone.  I don't recall the vendor.  I tried searching for it.  In the search I came across this:

Interesting in that it provides someone else is doing this.  Not sure if you can find a way to subscribe to their feed to see if there is a way to use the content.  Not likely.

So, it is either a home-brew app, pay a developer to custom build it, or google until you find a product that can do it.

Marginal help I know.  You tweaked my interest, so I had to check.


HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: Stream Live Football results to phone

Hi Jon/Bill,

Bill....your help here is never marginal my friend! +5 for you

Jon, as Canada is not in the World Cup we have had no such request, I do

however wish that our HR department would decree that we stream NHL Hockey

scores or perhaps MLB scores.

Best of luck for your team in the Cup...please let me know (if you can) what

Country you are rooting for as I am in a World Cup Pool (not for money of course



New Member

Re: Stream Live Football results to phone


The only thing i can think of is an RSS feeder which is relatively easy to get going. The only problem is that its too early to find an RSS feed for live results and that it will not work as a marquee/ticker across the screen......

Im from England, but not a massive football fan, our team always gets us exited but inevitably lets us down.



Re: Stream Live Football results to phone

Was going to suggest RSS but Jon beat me to it.

There is a Cisco RSS app at the link below

It is written in Perl so some knowledge of that language would be helpful.

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