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New Member

Supervise Transfer in Unity 4.2

Hi all,

I am trying to enable call queuing on a subscriber account throgh supervise transfer but I cannot make it work. I've read several posts and reviewed each issue related to this question but obviously I'm missing something.

In the simpliest scenario, I have added a Call Handler that firstly try to attempt transfer to a subscriber on a given extension. The DN has no CFB configured at all nor call forward of any kind. That DN has Busy Trigger set to 1 and Max # of Calls set to 4 and have changed "Service parameters">"Cisco CallManager">"Clusterwide Parameters(Feature - Forward)"> "Forward No Answer Timer" to 60.

On Unity, subscriber has set Tranfer Options to "Yes, ring subscriber at this number" (pointing to its DN), "Supervise transfer">"Rings to wait for">2 and "If the call is busy">Ask Caller.

When trying to reach the extension from the CH, caller is transferred to the DN and, in fact, phone rings twice but the call goes back to Unity at VM of the subscriber (displays the system greeting) and ask for taking a message. On the other hand, when the DN is busy, Unity plays a message asking for the caller to phone later and hangs up the call

I dont know what I am missing. This is the first time I use this feature and Its a bit frustating.

I will really appreciate your help. Thanks in advanced.


Re: Supervise Transfer in Unity 4.2

It sounds like you have the supervised transfer setup correctly.  It soulds like after the supervised transfer you want it go back to the call handler, not the subscribers voicemail correct?

When it is a supervised transfer, it has nothing to do with the line settings on the DN.  Unity is in control of the call and ringing the call x times.  It will then pull the call back to the call handler and look at the "List" of what it has to do next.  In your case, it sounds like you have it going to the greeting of a subscriber in Unity.  If you want it to play the original call handler it left from, simply select the call handler and send to greeting.

If this is not correct, post a simple call flow.

New Member

Re: Supervise Transfer in Unity 4.2

First of all, thanks for your attention. Related to the call flow, keep in mind that the final target is having a kind of Technical Assistance Telephone Service with a kind of queue behaviour.

The call flow would be,

Call to Tech Assistance Service (CTI R.P. 419) -> Supervised Xfer to subscriber extension -> If No Answer or Busy Ask the caller ->2 options,

- keep on hold, unity informs about how many calls are in queue and try to Xfer again each 30 seconds

- leave a message, on subscriber VM

I read the following extract from Cisco Press "Configuring Call Manager an Unity: Step by Step",


Enabling Call Queuing

One of the underutilized features Unity provides is that of call queuing. Unity's queuing capabilities let callers decide if they want to be placed on hold or transferred to voice mail if the number they are trying to reach is busy. Although this can be a handy feature, remember that a caller who chooses to hold a voice mail port will be consumed for the entire time that the call is on hold. Therefore, this feature should be used only in environments in which an ample number of voice-mail ports exist. Furthermore, this feature is normally configured for only a small number of subscribers.

To configure call queuing, follow these steps.

Step 1.
From within UA, select Subscribers>Subscribers.

Step 2.
Click the Find icon, enter search criteria that will narrow the search results, and click the Find button.

Step 3.
Select the subscriber for whom you are enabling call queuing.

Step 4.
Click the Call Transfer link.

Step 5.
Make sure that the Transfer incoming calls to subscriber's phone field is set to Yes, ring subscriber's extension or Yes, ring subscriber at this number.

Step 6.
Select the Supervise Transfer radio button.

Step 7.
Set the Rings to wait for value to a value that is less than that set in CallManager for this subscriber. Keep in mind that the value in CallManager is in seconds, whereas the value in Unity is in number of rings.

Step 8.
Select the Ask Caller radio button under the If the call is busy options.

Step 9.
Click the Save icon.

Once this is done, callers, who try to reach this extension through Unity and find the extension busy, are given the opportunity to be placed on hold or leave a message. Unity informs them of how many callers are ahead of them and then, every 30 seconds, offers them an opportunity to leave a message. If callers want to stay on hold instead of leaving a message, they must press "1" each time they are asked if they wish to continuing holding.


That is exactly what I want to do but no way to achieve it. In fact, the supervised Xfer is done at the beginning because the first attempt is done and the phone sounds (when on hook) the number of the given rings but when the call backs to unity, caller is sent to the greeting section and does the after greeting action. On the other hand, when the subscriber extension is busy, Unity displays a message indicating that it cannot complete the call, try again later, goodbye and hangs up.

This issue is driving me crazy. Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks again