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Supported CUCM releases by Server 8.0.(2)

CUCM 8.0(2) has recently been released.  Supported servers are listed here:

Our servers MCS-7835-H2-IPC1 have been listed as supported in all releases up to this latest release.  Actually very few servers are listed as supported for 8.0(2).  I questioned my CE about this; He told me I could just go by what was listed for 8.0(1) and that a new table would be coming out soon containing additional supported servers for 8.0(2).  He couldn't tell me exactly when it would.

We're scheduled to do the upgrade to 8.x next maintenance weekend in May.  Does anyone else know when this new supported server list will be coming out or if what he says is true?  Would like to know what all my options are before then.

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Re: Supported CUCM releases by Server 8.0.(2)


I would assume that he's wrong, and the docs are right.

Lots seems to change in 8.0(2), like for example it won't work in VMWare workstation as it checks for ESXi, 6GB RAM, etc...

People report servers being dropped, as in this recent post:

If you feel adventurous, try it.. but since the software is out already, I would assume that the documentation released at the same time as the software is correct.



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Re: Supported CUCM releases by Server 8.0.(2)

Ah the dreaded Bridged Upgrade.  If you look at the supported releases link that's all that is supported for 8.0(2).  I'll be coming from 6.1(3) I don't want to put myself through having to roll back.  I'll have to go with 8.0(1) then.  If I have to roll back at least it's officially supported.

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Re: Supported CUCM releases by Server 8.0.(2)

Just wanted to say my CE was right they've updated the link:

Wilson if you're reading this my apologies.  They've add quite a lot of servers supported for direct upgrade to 8.0(2) including our platform.


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