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We have a customer who is having problmes with text-to-speech on the Unity server. The version of Unity is 4.0(5). If you stop and restart the Unity service, the problem is resolved. This has been happening every few weeks.

When a user checks their messages from their phone, Unity will tell them how many voice and email messages they have but it won't read the emails. When trying to read an email, the system says: This message can not be read at this time. Please try later.

Any ideas??




Re: Text-to-Speech

The unity server is unable to read email messages. It says "Sorry this message can not be read now. Please try again later"."

-On the Cisco Unity server, browse to the CommServer\Realspeak directory. If the directory is missing, you must install the Realspeak engine (this procedure is outlined later).

-In the Realspeak directory, confirm that the Api and Engine directories contain either files, subdirectories, or both.

Make sure that the Class of Service (COS) of the subscribers that need to use TTS actually allows them to use that feature:

In Unity admin, please go to the "Subscribers" menu and click on "class of service" > click on "Licensed Features" > go to the "Phone Coversation Features" section > make sure the "Text-to-Speech for e-mail messages" checkbox is checked.

Sometimes Cisco Unity cannot determine that the errors from TTS indicate that it needs to restart the TTS service. In these cases, the callers will hear failsafe ("Sorry this message can not be read now. Please try again later"). To fix this issue, an administrator needs to restart the TTS service manually. The service name is "AvTtsSvr" and this can be done by the services control panel.

In some cases, the problem is caused for not specifying the default TTS Engine. The solution for this problem is to re-install the Realspeak engine. Please note: if you determine that it is necessary to reinstall the Realspeak engine, you have to do this after hours. If you only will restart the "AvTtsSvr" service, you can do this during normal operation.



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