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TFTP Service not running (CUCM Pub)


As far as I know, no relevant changes have been made in the last weeks. Recently, we realized that the TFTP service is not running in our CUCM Publisher. (It is running in the Subscriber) When I try to start the service, it gets stopped after a few seconds. We have had to modify our DHCP server meanwhile, sending the option 150 with the Subscriber's IP address. 

Cucm version is, and is running on VMware. I tried to restart the Publisher, but look what I get when I do it:

admin:utils system restart 

Do you really want to restart ?

Enter (yes/no)? yes

 Appliance is being Restarted ...
Failed to Restart the Appliance

Executed command unsuccessfully


Any suggestions?. Things I should consider? Thanks. 


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Hi,You need to check if there


You need to check if there was an unclean shutdown of the Publisher due to a power outage or some other reason using the method described below

Try fixing the file system using a recovery iso and see if it helps.



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Hi Manish.I checked the

Hi Manish.

I checked the system-history.log and i have some root: Boot, that are not proceeded by a Restart, Upgrade or Shutdown:

05/17/2014 05:48:37 | root: Boot Start 
05/18/2014 06:29:31 | root: Boot Start 
05/19/2014 00:57:55 | root: Boot Start

The document says the server must be rebuilt. Does this mean that we need to reinstall the whole CUCM and then restore a backup to get it working again? Should I try using the recovery iso first? 


You should use recovery disc

You should use recovery disc first.


A reinstall is recommended as

A reinstall is recommended as per the bug. However, you can also use recovery iso to start with and if it fixes the issue you can continue using the system. The only concern is that we are not sure if the unclean shutdown has corrupted any other component of the file system as well which may show some issues later on with maybe a different feature / service.



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