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TMS Multipoint Scheduling with Exchange

Hello all,

We plan to switch the ctsmnager to tms for scheduling.

So I installed TMSXE and created users in exchange.

However the point I couldnt find is;

in cstmanager there is a Bridge and Servers tab in where  Multipoint Call-In Number Start and Multipoint Call-In Number End cofiguration can be configured for multidevices conferences.

Within TMS entegrated scenario where can I set the start and end numbers (if is necessary)?

And lastly, is there any configuration between tms and cucm must be done?


thank you so much.

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Hello i would suggest you



i would suggest you start with the TMS Admin guide to complete the integration of TMS and CUCM to allow TMS to discover your TP endpoints.

You must also add your bridge(a) to TMS.  Note that TMS does not support CTMS as a bridge.

After your bridge(a) are added you may set the TMS equivalent of begin and end numbers on a per-bridge basis.

I must inform you that there are numerous additional steps and some caveats involved with your overall goal, namely replacement of CTSManager with TMS+TMSXE. You may wish to engage an experienced Cisco Partner for this work.



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helloafter all of the


after all of the integration steps have been done, I have a little probem as follows,

when the rooms were reserved through Exchange, the TP Server brigde booked with routing.

However the invitation mail - coming from TMS- has  arrived just 4 minutes before the end time of the meeting.

so it is not  workable.

what you say?


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This sounds like an email

This sounds like an email delivery issue more than anything else.

I would look at both the TMS logs and the Exchange server logs to pinpoint when, precisely, TMS actually sent the email.  TMS should send the email as soon as the meeting is booked.


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